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Hurricane season in Florida begins May 15th and ends on November 30th. Although we cannot predict when a natural disaster will strike, we can be prepared for it. At Tenusa Inc., we are trained to both prepare landscapes for a forecasted natural event and assist with the aftermath of a natural disaster.

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Stormwater runoff accumulates chemicals, debris, and sediment that can cause damage to natural resources. Through stormwater management systems like bioretention basins, flooding and demands on public stormwater drainage systems can be reduced and the quality of nearby water resources can improve.

To get the maximum benefits, stormwater management systems require careful planning and maintenance. Overgrown vegetation, local regulation compliance, and flooding are some common challenges, and Tenusan Inc. can step in at any part of the process—from design and installation through ongoing maintenance—to help you overcome stormwater challenges. 

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At Tenusa Inc. we have trained and experienced crew that can be dispatched in an emergency after a hurricane. We maintain a large surplus of backup equipment in multiple locations to act when needed most.


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