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Lawn care maintenance & treatment services

Just like pruning removes the dead parts of plants and trees and keeps them at the optimum length to receive nutrition and grow healthily, mowing does the same for grass. Mowing grass to the correct height increases the density of the grass and helps it develop deeper roots. This prevents brown and dry patches on a lawn and increases the life of a landscape. A healthy root system will ensure that all water and nutrients are absorbed from the soil.

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Grass cutting is just one aspect of beautification. Regularly mowed grass (as opposed to an overgrown mess) is important. But, we’re also finding an increased interest in larger beautification projects, like installing walking paths, installing flowering trees and shrubs, and increasing frequencies of service and detail pruning.


We’re also seeing some of these roadsides adding trees and shrubs in what had previously been open turf or concrete medians. This can also be a safety measure to help with nighttime driving by dividing the highway and making a clearer delineation of the direction of traffic.

These median areas can incorporate plant beds with trees, shrubs, or flowers in an effort to beautify a town or city as a whole. 

Different lawns have different mowing requirements. At Tenusa Inc., we inspect each landscape carefully and then devise a customized recurring mowing schedule based on the type of grass, climate, season, and specific needs.

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