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Highway & roadside landscape maintenance services

There are aesthetic, safety and functional reasons to invest in professional highway and roadside garden maintenance services.

Economic impact research shows that it can pay off in many ways.


Safety is a very important factor to consider when choosing the right company for your commercial landscape maintenance services. Tall grasses or unpruned trees or shrubs can block signage or grow onto the roadside causing all sorts of hazards.

That’s why there’s been an increased effort among local governments and improvement associations to invest more into highway and roadside maintenance services that will help to keep communities safe and beautify Florida's surroundings as a whole.

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Choosing a company that knows the specific requirements that highway landscaping requires will help achieve the best functional as well as safe work processes and results. Our professionals have careful consideration at design, such as:

  • Road safety requirements

  • Maintenance considerations

  • Plant selection

  • Plant types

  • Plant establishment

  • Planting design

  • Cost considerations

  • Using earthworks

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